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Alpha-Nuva's News

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - April 1st, 2012

I'm not doing this for you so much as I'm doing it for me. This is a reminder to myself regarding what I plan to accomplish by the end of 2012 (which, according to Nostradamus, will be about nine days earlier this year, so I better pick up the pace).

Anyways, Scott and I are going to shell out a couple short toons, hopefully, by the midsummer months. It'll be a nice little hiatus from Stainville, which we plan on picking up again by the end of the year. This time, we're gonna shorten the the movie significantly so you're not just watching 10 minutes of impossible-to-navigate plotlines. Also, we'll hopefully allow ourselves more time to mess around with the sound. Only reason Stainville 2 had sound issues was because I rushed the final product. No more of that, though. We hope that by Stainville 3, we'll learn from our mistakes and knock out the bugs.

Btw, we're functioning under a new alias now called "Scoota Chef." Check us out on Facebook!

Finally, I'm submitting some Madness material for Madness Day. I say some because I plan on submitting two pieces. One of them will be an all-original piece while the other will be a collab that I've really wanted to put together for some time. More details on those to come.

And maybe I'll throw in a little winter Flash, but I gotta see what my schedule looks like. Until then, keep a look out! Especially for Scoota Chef!

What's next on the menu?

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - March 21st, 2012

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - March 12th, 2012

Stainville 2 is still on the way, working its way through development hell.

But enough about that. To keep myself occupied in the meantime between now and when Scott finally compiles the sounds, I've been starting up another project. Here's a little sneak preview to hold you over.


Posted by Alpha-Nuva - February 25th, 2012

As I said, the animation is complete, and has been for some time. I'm just waiting for Scott to finish placing and EQing the sounds and PJ to finish the music tracks. This may take a week or two, unfortunately. Joy.

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - February 8th, 2012

I figured I'd post in celebration of the new redesign (which is giving me an enormous erection right now).

Cranking and cranking and cranking out more Stainville 2! I'm banging out animated goodness while Scott and Proj (our music man) soundtracks and does audio. Still about 2000 frames to go, plus coloring, equalizing sound, syncing, and editing. Gonna aim for Feb. 22nd. Can't guarantee that we can stick to that deadline 100%, but it's not entirely out of the question.

Show us and Stainville some love on facebook and twitter. And tell your friends about us. Maybe if we get a reaction, we'll be more motivated and finish this on time.

In the meantime, here's your final preview.

On the last scene!

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - January 23rd, 2012

Well, break's up, banged out quite a great deal of animation in Stainville (about 4-5 mins). Probably could've done more, but what's done is done. Almost on the penultimate scene. Scott's started on sound work. I should be done with animating by Feb. 7th, the latest. At that point, I'll forward the animation to Scott who'll be finished with it between Feb 14th or 21st.

So that's it. Between the 14th and 21st, expect Stainville 2, delayed, but finished nonetheless. Enjoy yourselves.

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - January 12th, 2012

I've been animating somewhat consistently over break. Banged out a good chunk of it, but there's still plenty to go. After reconsidering the remainder of the animation, we believe it will run about 8 minutes long (we have 5.5 minutes done so far).
Scott's computer's hard drive recently failed, so we had a major setback with dialogue. However, after retrieving, re-recording, and revising some dialogue, we managed to get mostly back on track. Once I'm done with the animated parts (which should be around the beginning of February, when I'm back in college), I'm forwarding the animation to Scott, who will work with sound and then forward it back to me. Project should be complete sometime around mid to late February. This time, I promise (assuming another catastrophe doesn't present itself). =]

In the meantime, have a screeny!

And if you haven't, like us on facebook: Stainville Fanpage
or Twitter: RealStainville

Making OK progress...

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - December 3rd, 2011

That's the sound of me animating.

Almost two minutes of Stainville 2 have been completed, hampered, of course, by schoolwork, but trudging along nonetheless. Had a lot of free time the past couple of days so I banged out a good 30 seconds and refined a couple things. 99% of the dialogue is already record, including some hilarious voices provided by one Mr. Scott Link.

From the 16th of December to the 24th of January, Scott and I are embarking on a journey into HEAVY PRODUCTION MODE, which will consist of animating hours on end, tweaking with sound, and lots of Scooby Snacks. No, really, though... hours on end.

What do we hope to achieve by next episode? Well, that's up to you. Tell your friends about us and Stainville. And get them to tell their friends. Mention the cartoon whenever possible and help us get the word out. If we see a rise in popularity, we may just consider t-shirts or some sort of merchandise. How else could you make it any more obvious that you have a salami-sized schlong than to rock a "YOU JUST GOTTA BELIEVE" t-shirt?

Consider this option, my friends. And if you're not considering it, we know that you're already acting upon it.

Hear that?

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - October 23rd, 2011

Just when I thought it was gonna be a winter of cranking out Stainville 2, I had a sudden inspiration to work on something else. Don't ask why. I'm still gonna be working on Stainville 2, which should be ready in late winter. However, don't expect anything by the end of the year.

Nothing really new to report...

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - October 7th, 2011

Fucked around with Flash and managed to get a good deal done this week. May be out earlier than expected. (January perhaps?)


EDIT: So you wanna know how I do it, right? Make all these wonderful little characters? Watch here. Animating "Bawse" - Stainville 2 (WIP)

20 seconds of animation.