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Started to remind me of "The Pan" in the first few moments and that, whaddyaknow! You're the creator! Watched "The Pan" and your other stick movies back in the early 00s. Your work's really come a long way since then - I liked the diffused shadow effect when the sticks were underwater and the attention to detail like the ripples on the surface.

Really hankering for some early 2000s stick toons now. Thanks for the inspiration and the nostalgia!

Hmm... a collab revolving around the relay of an item. Intradasting concept. :)

This was tight. Cool to see how all of these names from a couple years ago are imrpoving. The 3d bit was tight. What programs were used in that section? Looked like a mocap-quality piece.

Scary how good you got at animation. You really nailed the cartoon style. Hope all is well!

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This progressed well. You introduced a simple, familiar concept, slowly tweaked the rules and difficulty, and ended up with something that was a little challenging. I would hope you make an expansion on this game, as it has plenty of potential for growth. Thanks for this.

I also ran into yetanotherjohn's issue. That needs fixings.

Otherwise, this was quite a peach to play. And I sure like peaches.

This is essentially Canabalt with OPS and Slenderman slapped on top. And I loved every minute of it. Only issue is the hi-score system. It's a tad glitchy.

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Ver good

dope as fuck. the chorus sample was a little weird, but the overall composition of this is fantastic. very dark.

piggemz responds:

lol tanks homie, swag on max for dis one.
the choir is from a free symphonic library i found, i wrote all the melodic content though.

appreciate da feedback 4 shore

This is a great relaxing kind of music. I was in kind of a bad mood and this just picked me up and calmed me down. I generally think of loops as shorter than 2 minutes, but I'll be looping this all day, I suppose.

piggemz responds:

lawl good to hearr, yeah i mean, the longer the better, less looping that way

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sanford got some teensy pecs there

That's the fairy queen from 64 right? Good game

Oof. That calendar date!


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