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Alpha-Nuva's News

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - February 13th, 2008

I'm suprised by the reaction HotS got. It scored higher than Redness and it wasn't even Madness Day, so it didn't even get all of the publicity Redness got. However, it got a higher score, amount of reviews, number of awards, and amount of attention. I'm more than satisfied. =)

Anyways, I did a test in an attempt to get used to my Redness style. Tell me what you all think.

Giovanni Test

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - February 11th, 2008


It's done. Now, to Redness!

I'mma firin' mah animation!

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - January 23rd, 2008

Redness 2's starting date will be pushed to February, since this will take up the rest of January. My objective is to finish this weekend, but I doubt it. Midterms have helped by cutting down on time in school, so I'll have more time to work on this.

I'm on the final scene and The Deuce said he liked it. I actually liked it too. Came out just as I wanted it to, so far.

Oh, and reflect on this while I work.


Posted by Alpha-Nuva - December 31st, 2007


I lost half the animation. No moar. Don't ask about it anymore. I'm starting redness.

Update: HURR! Just gonna redo the intro. I have more than 50% recovered, so this'll be out around January 23th.


Posted by Alpha-Nuva - December 25th, 2007


I was originally gonna keep my secretive work on it a secret, but I couldn't resist.

The Trailer should make your balls shrink even more...

Hunt of the Shoopacabra Trailer

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - December 7th, 2007

This was actually started on a couple weeks ago, before the downfall of HotS. I started organizing sprites ad I've finally used folders for better organization. Everything's coming together and Tomfitz is even setting up an intro piece. But, I have no animation done and will have none done until I get his music. (I will appreciate a nudge or two towards him, if you wish to see this faster =3). I will start around January at latest.

Also, I'm definitely not good with designing guns. The only reason I had so many designed was because I used other images as references. However, one night I constructed my own gun specifically for Redness 2. I was shocked and showed ACE the first parts of it. He said it looked like something out of Star Wars (which I took as a compliment). You won't see it yet, but there's a small preview of it in the image below.

En jois >_<

Redness Mafia II

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - December 2nd, 2007

I was animating HotS and adding this huge background. I tried to convert it to a symbol, but Flash lagged out and the graphic got all fucked up. I tried loads of methods of restoring it, but all failed. When I even tried to edit it, the animation lags me out.

No more Hunt of the Shoopacabra. D:

As I receiveth, I am deprived of...

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - November 25th, 2007

Lately, I've been animating bits and pieces of HotS with the limited time I had to utilize on my old computer. However, last night, with the help of A.C.E-Corn, I re-obtained Flash.

I got CS3 Professional. I never had filters before, so expect some noobish use of blurs, bevels, glows, etc.

Oh, and hai look!



Posted by Alpha-Nuva - November 16th, 2007

Oh hay.

Tits! Tits! In my ass!

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - November 10th, 2007

For those of you who don't know who Mike was, he was my grandfather and did one of the voices in Redness Precedence (Hello, goomba!). Madness Day was a huge sucess for me, because I got frontpage, a 4.21 rating on Redness, and 250 dollars. However, on the morning after Madness Day, Mike was rushed to the hospital after losing control of his bladder. For two months, he hung around the hospital and rehab center. I visited him twice. On my third visit, we had found out that his family brought him down to Virginia. Then, three days ago, my brother called me and straightforwardly told me that Mike died.

I visited my grandma that day. I saw her and she hugged me and started to cry in my arms. I felt so bad, because she had already lost my grandpa, Jim. My aunt was there too, acting as if nothing had happened. I was so pissed by this, but should've expected it. She was the only of my grandmother's children who hadn't started a family and made a commitment to someone. On the car ride home, I heard "I'm Already There," a song Mike and I used to listen to. My mom pulled over and I bawled my eyes out.

However, before I left, I remember one thing my grandma said that I'll never forget. She said, "He loved you, Andrew. He loved you very much, and that goes without saying."