Entry #168

Old Pokemon clip

2017-03-07 22:54:54 by Alpha-Nuva

I was working on a Pokemon parody last year with a buddy until a cup of "fuck it" set in. It was gonna feature some loud voices and nitpicky jabs at how the new starters were all re-hashed Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon.

Here's one of the more interesting clips from the animatic: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/efba680a160d774831441a04e65133d7



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2017-03-07 23:55:43

The question is: where's paradigmadness 2 tho?

Alpha-Nuva responds:



2017-03-08 01:07:12

Not any chance left?

Alpha-Nuva responds:

not unless it can pay my rent


2017-03-08 10:42:50

when one of your idols is back
but he won't follow paradigmdness...
be like:
"thanks,but why? ;-;"

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Neil Armstrong's left testicle battles Lance Armstrong's left testicle in a fierce showdown atop a skyscraper.


2017-03-09 12:16:19

Cool,I cannot into waiting for it


2017-05-18 13:55:10

Will you ever continue the "rebooting the madness" series?


2017-09-03 14:34:02

I would've really liked to see a submission with such artwork. Even if it takes a while to complete, don't let that go to waste!