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Headstart on the next projects!

Posted by Alpha-Nuva - October 3rd, 2014

Working on a little something that probably won't see the light of day for many moons (I'm talking late next year *nudge**nudge*). It's in extremely early stages so far, so I couldn't show much, even if I wanted to. All you need to know is:

A) It's being made.

B) It's Madness-related.

C) It's my last Madness-related piece.

D) Here's a preview.


I've been absent from the Madness fan animation scene for quite some time. And while moving on with projects like Stainville has been a great adventure in terms of exploring animation and developing my own sense of style, working with Madness sprites always fills me with nostalgia and feels very comfortable and familiar to me. Clicking and dragging and mashing the f6 button is a great release after animating hours of painstaking frame-by-frame drawings. Even though my last submission was not a serious attempt at animating (yet, a fitting response to all users badgering me to finish the HotS series), it was nice to doodle up sprites and make them move - create a live atmosphere from scratch.

So, while I was riding that little high that was HotS 2.2, I opened up Flash again and decided to work on a new project, which I plan to submit alongside the one I mentioned at the top of this post. It's a project that I planned to finish a long time ago, but never got around to for a number of reasons. And, if there's any anticipation built for my next Madness toon, this one probably holds the majority of it.

How's about for MD2015 I hit you with some R3 action?

P.S. Vote for Stainville 4 for Monthly Best for September!


Comments (5)

Hm... I wonder what that project could be... ;o]

Im praying its Rebooting the Madness 3, that series along with your contribution to paradigmadness are diamonds in the rough, pure gold.

Is it diamonds or gold? Those are vastly different values!

Six years...six long years of periodically checking in on your account for information of "The Continuation". Then, I realized there's another of your works that starts with 'R' and is currently at 2 episodes. I hope to the lord above and below that it is "The One".

it just might be

You've never disappointed me, whatever you've done. So don't fret the path, just go :)
And fuck last month's vote, too many mainstream (older) pussies cast ballots on whatever looked good on the Front Page, this shit happens, depends on the time of the year :\
You getting Nexus 2 when it comes out? I'll have a spare copy... wait, I saw you in the Nexus Forums, yeah?! Ever meet either of the guys before? We should totally crash the dev party, and bring guns, lots of guns.

Krinkels and swain organized a "street team" who promoted the game on various social media sites. Ive skyped with them once or twice in matters relevant to the game

glad to see you back into madness (sadly for a short time). it'll be nice to see you go out with a big bang. i admire your work and hope to see the next and last madness animation you've got for us to see.
ps. i really hope it'll be redness 3. it was (is) so creative, a great story, and you're famous madness animation style. :)