Entry #150

Life Update, Promotion, and Expectations for 2013

2013-03-06 12:05:26 by Alpha-Nuva


Can't say I've been all that busy lately, but I haven't been sitting on my ass as much as I normally do. Been trying to make some money lately and it's been interfering with stuff that I'd normally be doing, like Stainville and all those crazy toons I make for you people. I'm also in the process of getting an apartment/living on my own/being a big boy, so the $$ is necessary. If you have any experience with that or just want to simply wish me luck, all PMs are appreciated.

In other news, Scott/Scoota/Scotlank/DISNIKKAWHOCANTCHOOSEANAME is trying to ignite his rap career. He recently made a SoundCloud where he posts his stuff. If you're a fan of 90s hip-hop, a musician yourself, or even a fan of Stainville, you should give his stuff a listen and show him some love.

Again, his SoundCloud is https://soundcloud.com/scootathemc. Leave him a comment and a fave.

I'm still chipping away at Stainville. Like I said, money has set Episode 3 on the backburner. However, all of the lines are recorded - silly, high-pitched ad-libbing included. I've also made it a point to return to the writing roots that made Episode 1 so funny. It's not completely there, but it'll definitely have a hint of that gritty, weird Episode 1 flavor.

Later in the year, I don't plan for much. My main focuses after Stainville will probably be Paradigmadness II (sorry, still no Redness, although I haven't forgotten about it), and possibly a winter piece from myself, Scoota, and Proj. If I have time for anything else, I'mma try and drop it in.

I know you guys are probably itching for a picture, but I don't really have one, atm. I'll try and upload one in the next few days.


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2013-03-06 13:47:58

Glad to hear that you are still on.


2013-03-06 15:48:38

Well, good to know that your account didn't die.


2013-03-07 21:54:17

Hope things work out with the new place. Guess you're going to have roommates?
As for the animations, don't worry, we'll be here patiently waiting :)

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Moving in with a girlie, actually.


2013-03-10 09:33:55

Fawk yeah :D
Good luck


2013-03-20 16:24:10

good luck with that and when will the hunt for the shoop part 2 and redness 3 be out just wondering