Lack of quality

2007-07-23 23:17:17 by Alpha-Nuva

I'm really fucking pissed. Excluding my dad and one of my uncles, my immediate family disapproves my working on Redness. Some say it's too violent, some don't like that I sometimes go through all-nighters to get work done, and some just believe it's a pointless cause. Due to this. The ending of Redness may not come out as I hoped. I'm trying to finish it up strong, but there are so many emotional setbacks coming up and it may affect the quality of the episode's ending. ;_;


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2007-07-25 00:01:42

What kind of faggots are your family? Don't they see your talent?

Alpha-Nuva responds:

First of all, they're still my family. Don't be calling them faggots.

But animating just doesn't appeal to them, so they're not supporting me.


2007-07-28 11:44:47

Sorry about that. I was just sorta pissed about it. Your family should be supporting you through whatever you choose to do, not discouraging you. Sorry. :/

Alpha-Nuva responds:

:/ Well, what am I gonna do...


2007-07-28 14:27:06

Your family is gya

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Indeed, Ass-Corn. XD


2007-07-29 17:18:10

Well, remember this
<lame joke>Life is like a vacuum cleaner. It either sucks or blows. </lame joke>

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Oh, wow. You're funny.


2007-07-31 11:42:39

I don't really have much of a reguler family, it is only me and my mom. She loves my animations and does everything she can to support and try to gain exposure for me. I feel really lucky to have a supporting parent.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Lucky for you. Never take your family for granted.


2009-02-11 18:57:14

yeah..... this is why I try to keep lots of my madness projects as much of a secret from my family as possible.

weird thing, most of the time your family is your most trusted source ever..... yet when it comes to projects such as redness, you can tell your internet friends about it while trying to keep it as much of a secret as possible from your family.

redness 1 still pwnd, though. I know you now think differently, but I still loved redness 1 AND 2.