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Entry #150

Life Update, Promotion, and Expectations for 2013

3/6/13 by Alpha-Nuva
Updated 3/6/13


Can't say I've been all that busy lately, but I haven't been sitting on my ass as much as I normally do. Been trying to make some money lately and it's been interfering with stuff that I'd normally be doing, like Stainville and all those crazy toons I make for you people. I'm also in the process of getting an apartment/living on my own/being a big boy, so the $$ is necessary. If you have any experience with that or just want to simply wish me luck, all PMs are appreciated.

In other news, Scott/Scoota/Scotlank/DISNIKKAWHOCANTCHOOSEANAME is trying to ignite his rap career. He recently made a SoundCloud where he posts his stuff. If you're a fan of 90s hip-hop, a musician yourself, or even a fan of Stainville, you should give his stuff a listen and show him some love.

Again, his SoundCloud is Leave him a comment and a fave.

I'm still chipping away at Stainville. Like I said, money has set Episode 3 on the backburner. However, all of the lines are recorded - silly, high-pitched ad-libbing included. I've also made it a point to return to the writing roots that made Episode 1 so funny. It's not completely there, but it'll definitely have a hint of that gritty, weird Episode 1 flavor.

Later in the year, I don't plan for much. My main focuses after Stainville will probably be Paradigmadness II (sorry, still no Redness, although I haven't forgotten about it), and possibly a winter piece from myself, Scoota, and Proj. If I have time for anything else, I'mma try and drop it in.

I know you guys are probably itching for a picture, but I don't really have one, atm. I'll try and upload one in the next few days.


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good luck with that and when will the hunt for the shoop part 2 and redness 3 be out just wondering



Fawk yeah :D
Good luck

Well, I wish you the most of luck, Alpha nuva. I hope you got time for Redness 3!

Hope things work out with the new place. Guess you're going to have roommates?
As for the animations, don't worry, we'll be here patiently waiting :)

3/7/13 Alpha-Nuva responds:

Moving in with a girlie, actually.

Well, good to know that your account didn't die.



Glad to hear that you are still on.